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How to Pass Your Hazard Perception Test. Hazard perception theory test. Theory test for hazard perception has a general goal in driving vehicles on the road. The goal is to be able to drive your vehicle in a conscious and ready attitude. This is primarily established on your intelligence on how much...

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Preparing For Your Hazard Perception Test

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In the United Kingdom you are required to take a hazard perception test before you can get a license to drive a vehicle. This test is designed to test your ability to spot a potential hazard while you are driving. Hazards could include anything from a car getting set to pull out in front of you, children possibly running into the road, or road conditions that could cause an accident.

The theory test is given in two parts and the hazard test is the second part. You will already be seated in front of a computer and will put on a set of headphones for the second part of the test. You will then watch 14 one-minute video clips. In 13 of the clips there will be a single hazard you will need to recognize. The last clip will have two hazards for you to recognize.
The clips contain hazards such as the ones listed above. When you identify a potential hazard or one that is developing, you will need to indicate the taking of an action by pressing on the appropriate mouse button. The sooner you respond to the hazard, the higher you will score on the test. Keep in mind that you will only get one chance to answer, recognizing the Hazard Perception Test. Each hazard has a maximum score of 5 points. In order to pass the test, you must score 44 out of 75 points for cars and motorcycles and 67 out of 100 for buses and lorries.

The definition of a developing hazard is something that makes a driver react and adjust their speed or the direction they are traveling in. While not all hazards will require an immediate action, you need to be aware of them because they could become a hazard at a seconds notice. To properly score on the test, the person taking the test must click on the hazard as it changes and not when it is still a potential problem.

Be careful not to click too many times on the clip as it could cause you to score zero for the hazard. The test will take your highest score every time for that particular clip. Some testing centers are using touch screens to record your answers. Check with your local testing center so that you know which system you will be using.

It is a good idea to brush up on your highway code and practice your driving theory before you go in and take the theory test. You have to pass both parts in order to receive your certificate so that you can take your Hazard practical test. There are software packages available for you to practice with.

If you are a learner driver, you can take the theory test at the age of 17 unless you are on the Disability Living Allowance which allows the test to be taken at age 16. You are required to take your practical exam within two years of receiving your theory certificate. If you do not sit the practical exam in that time, you will have to retake the theory test.

Hazard Perception test

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hazard perception test

Process of Hazard Perception test.

The process for taking this test is as follows:
• Clips containing hazards will be shown. This will start with a frame freeze in the beginning of the video and there will be a countdown of 10 will be shown.

• After the countdown, the video clip will begin to process and you will be asked to click the button of the mouse whenever you will see hazards that are developing.

Scoring pattern of the test
Each window for scoring is separated into segments. The total number of equal segments is five and there will be five scores through to 1 divided among each clips. Meaning that, in the first segment of the window for scoring, there will be a score of 5 and the last segment will have a score of 1. If the answers were outside the window for scoring, then a score of zero will be given.

Aside from just simply reading and learning the code for highway driving, it is a command that you must also undergo other trainings offered which pertains to driving on the road. Code for highway driving will just present to you the rules while you are driving on the street but this does not give you rationales behind. If you have computer access at home, then feel free to get some information on the internet about hazard perception so that by the time you will take the test, you will have an idea on what it is about. Also, these preparations will also give you confidence and you will be prepared to take the test and aim for passing it so that you will be able to achieve your license.

You will be given only 57 minutes to finish the theory test with multiple choices. You have to use this time wisely. Don’t be in a hurry! Remember items that you are not sure of the answers and come back to that item after you have finished answering other items. You must not speed read the given questions because result is, either you will not understand the given question or you might miss what is being asked for. You must read it slowly and be sure that you know what is being asked!